What We Do

People thrive and perform at their best when they are supported in their development. Through professional one-to-one coaching, we help you to take action to get on at work or in your non-work life.

Through building good rapport, listening, understanding, challenging and supporting, we help you to identify the changes you want to make and to achieve your goals.

How it works

  • A free 30-minute no-obligation exploratory phone call
  • Typically an initial package of five 60-90 minute confidential coaching sessions, with preparation and customised developmental follow-up
  • Flexible and additional coaching sessions if required
  • Tailored packages of coaching to meet the needs of a particular organisation/client group
  • Online coaching or face-to-face coaching in London and the South East, or in the Chepstow, South Wales and Bristol areas
  • Email and telephone support between sessions.

Benefits and outcomes of our coaching include:

  • Improved work performance and delivery of organisational objectives
  • Development of management skills, leadership style and ability to manage change
  • Professional development and self-directed learning
  • Personal growth and positive changes in non-work life
  • Clearer priorities, goals and work/life balance
  • New perspectives and a deeper understanding of values and what counts
  • Improved confidence, self-awareness and resilience
  • Successful career change, transition into new work roles, return from maternity leave or redundancy, or planning for retirement.

Tools and action

We use a variety of tools, exercises and assessments to complement our coaching, all of which are designed to help bring you clear objectives and insight. You will come away from each session with a defined action plan, each time a step closer to your goals.


Coaching is one of the smartest investments in your future you can make. We aim to keep it as affordable and flexible as possible. We can design our coaching programmes to suit your budget and timeframe.