Award Winning Research on the Value of Coaching for Managers and Leadership

Peter Watson from Mirador Coaching has won an award at the 16th Annual Coaching Research Conference in January 2020. His study of the much-neglected topic of coaching managers in charities was awarded the best research on executive coaching at Oxford Brookes University in 2019 by APECS (Association of Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision).

Key research findings include an apparent synergy between the ethos and key values of coaching and the social values of charities. Learning and Development professionals and managers also saw coaching as having a strong positive impact on personal and professional development, promoting well-being, and improving organisational effectiveness.

Research Summary – Coaching Managers in Charities

Here’s the full academic journal article.

How to Find the Right Coach

Finding a good, professional coach can be tricky. Here are some issues to consider that can help:

10 Things to Help You Choose the Right Coach – Mirador Coaching